Dudley Choral Society 

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The Mikado.  May 26th 2012


.......Imagine you're in the world of Imperial Japan.

This was not quite the scene that greeted me as I settled into my pew in St. James for a fanastic evening's entertainment wit Dudley Choral's production of the Mikado. ......I was swept away from the dull and dreary into the exotic and fantastic world of Imperial Japan.

I shan't give you a synopsis as most people know the story well of Nanki-Poo's attempts to ensure that Yum - Yum becomes his wife. What I shall say is that the evening was brilliant. Dudley Choral gave an excellent performance, making it seem that Gilbert and Sullivan themselves had been directing it. The voices were pristine and all the parts kept their own over what could be at times very intricate music. The refreshments brought with the interval were very welcome and more to the point, very yummy, and over all the night was very entertaining. With Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum finally together and the entirety of Dudley Choral having received very warm applause, I slowly walked back down the street, back into my own boring existence, but still taking with me the warm, colourful and exotic wrappings of Imperial Japan.


Matthew Wickens